The Saracen Road Club was formed by nine cyclists in 1949. The name Saracen was derived from the Old Saracen's Head Coaching Inn, situated on The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham.

Our club records can be found in the following link

Saracen Club Records

             Old Saracen's Head Coaching Inn, Kings Norton Green, Birmingham.

On the competitive side, the Saracen Road Club has had its share of well known names amongst its membership


Dave Briggs, the National CycloCross Champion in the late 1950s;


Derek Harrison


Derek Harrison, the well known international road man, who turned professional and rode for Frimatic Gribaldy on the continent during the 1960s and the early 1970s  and was also a finisher in the Tour de France 

   Derek Harrison 1969

Don Smith, International Rider

Roger Page, Cyclo Cross National champion


Jim George, Independent Rider


Ken Haddon, National Champion


Paul Carbutt, BAR National Champion, End to End record holder, 3rdin Tour of Britain, National Hill Climb Champion